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A 7-week, immersive breathwork journey where we will explore the 7 main energy centres of the body, commonly known as the chakras. We will use the power of the breath to release, clear and balance the energy centres, deepening our connection to our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Our Journey Together

Welcome to my page, I am so grateful you are here. My name is Hilary and I am the founder of Trinity Breathwork. I am a certified and insured Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner. 


My intention in the creation of the Root to Rise Journey is to guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself, to heal the past and step into your infinite potential. It is my wish to support your sense of inner safety, and to access the love and compassion that is your birth right so you are free to embrace the dance of life.

Root to Rise is built on the understanding that in order for us to expand and grow with life we need to be firmly rooted into the earth below. The breath offers us the opportunity to explore our energetic landscape with curiosity and gain a higher perspective.


As a group each week we will dive into the wisdom of a different chakra, exploring its energetic theme and how it relates to certain aspects of our lives. (keep scrolling for more information about the chakra system). We will use journal prompts to reflect and inform our intentions for clearing and releasing trapped energies and attachments through the practice of conscious connected breathwork. (keep scrolling for more information about the conscious connected breathwork)

As we journey together you will experience the power of circle work. Sitting in circle with like-minded people opens up a deep level of connection, community and stimulates our creativity. This supportive, confidential space gifts you the opportunity to be seen and heard, something many of us struggle with. You will also be provided with a worksheet to support you at home in-between sessions.

You are welcome in this space exactly as you are, no experience of the chakra system or breathwork is necessary. 

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An Online Journey of
Self Discovery and Inner Alignment


The chakras are situated within the energetic body. It is said we have hundreds of energy centres, however commonly we focus on the 7 main centres, also known as the chakras. The chakras serve as energic portals, they hold their own unique vibration, essence and theme.


Each theme relates to an aspect of your life, such as relationships, self worth, communication and emotions. When we consciously work with the energies of the chakras it  provides us with the opportunity for healing and growth.


In every aspect of our life there is both light and dark (shadow), when we are living too much in our shadow we can feel disconnected and out of balance with our life. This can manifest in many ways, including stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and pain.

Roots to Rise is an invitation to start working with your own personal energy body, to deepen the connection to yourself so you can experience more connection, ease, peace, joy and love in your life.

An Online Journey of
Self Discovery and Inner Alignment


Throughout our time together we will be using the ancient wisdom of the breath to support our journey of self-discovery and liberation. The breath anchors us into the present moment, it is a powerful inner resource that when used consciously can open up our conscious awareness and support our well-being. 

The breathwork technique we will be using is the conscious connected breath (CCB). CCB is a dynamic breathing practice which uses a circular, diaphragmatic breath, which aids regulation of the nervous system. 

Our breath is the golden thread that connects life and death. As we traverse life our breath holds us in every trauma, emotion and experience our nervous system undergoes.


The impact of our lived experiences can linger in our nervous system and manifest in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This may include but is not limited to, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelming anger, pain, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and an overall sense of disconnect. This internal conflict ripples out into our relationships and our interaction with the world.

We can use breathwork as an introspective tool to realign with our sense of aliveness, to gain clarity and insight into our infinite potential, shifting us into a deeper connection to self and the natural world around us.

The breath supports us to unlock and integrate unprocessed experiences and trauma that may cause us suffering such as anger, dissociation, depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and rebuild trust and safety within our nervous system.  It is a powerful introspective tool that helps to deepen the connection to ourselves, creating a greater sense of wholeness, peace and acceptance. 


We are energic beings having a human experience and the experiences and traumas of life are received through our nervous system. Emotions are energy emotion, they serve a purpose, they connect us to each other and to the world.  They are fluid, designed to be felt and released, however due to social pressures, conditioning, ancestral trauma and so on we have become trained to suppress, ignore and deny our emotions.  By trapping the emotional energy in our cells, it becomes stagnant and toxic. The body keeps the score and the internal pressure builds, it beings to manifest as stress, anxiety, depression, pain, loneliness and disconnection.

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The Chakra System Themes


“I feel very grateful to have discovered Hilary and Conscious Connected Breathwork. Hilary creates such a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment I feel totally comfortable to let go and trust the process"


"I really enjoyed Hilary's sessions. It's a gentle breathwork where you are in control and listen to your body. I felt held, relaxed and safe. The groups are really great to be part of and everyone is made to feel welcome."


"I loved this session, Hilary held such a beautiful space that felt almost magical. I felt safe, valued and encouraged to go on my own journey with the breath”


Our journey will take place via Zoom
Journey Dates
Tuesday 9th April - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 16th April - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 23rd April - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 30th April - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 7th May  - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 14th May - 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday 21st May - 7pm - 9pm

The investment for Root to Rise is 



Terms & Conditions​ 

Payment for Root to Rise must be paid in full at the time of booking.

To cancel your booking please contact me no less than 7 days before the start of the course. 

After this time a refund may not be available. See policy upon booking.

Conditions apply.


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