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New Moon Women's Circle

History reflects how for millennia lost civilisations, and our ancestors had been guided by the mysteries and intelligence of the cosmos. This wisdom is found in sacred sites across the globe including the Great Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and Machu Picchu’s Temple of the Sun, which is aligned with the winter solstice sunrise.

Along with the sun and the stars, the moon holds great celestial significance in our relationship with the earth. Its cyclical nature provides a natural energetic rhythm to life. Each phase of the moon cycle holds its own magic and when we bring conscious awareness to the astrological alignments, we have the opportunity to bring harmony and understanding into our life.   

New Moon Women's Circle

When we consciously work with the moon we deepen our relationship to our intuition, our inner knowing, our inherit wisdom and our personal power. If you would like to understand your connect to the cosmos and work with the potent energy of the moon there is a place for your in our New Moon Women’s Circle.

The energy of the new moon gifts us the opportunity to spend time with our inner world, to gather our thoughts and plant seeds of change for the next lunar cycle. An alchemical process takes place when women gather to embrace earths natural rhythms. A liminal, sacred space is created where we are held to explore what is arising for us, and to enjoy connection through ritual, relaxation and community. 


Our new moon gatherings are held once a month on the Friday closest to the new moon. Each month will be themed around the astrological alignments and intended to deepen your own sense of self and connection to your inner feminine energies. Circles will run from 7.00 - 9.30pm and will be held at St Pauls Church in Denholme, West Yorkshire, BD13 4EN.


Included in these beautiful evenings could be any of the following: - teachings on astrology and a better understanding of how what's happening in the sky is affecting you, earth altar creations, working with the elements, cacao ceremony, creative intention setting, visualisations, meditations and healing, breathwork, light language activations, story telling, breathwork, movement and much more.

You can join me and Sarah at School of Forgotten Wisdom for our next New Moon Women's Circle by clicking the "Book Here" button below.  


New Moon Women's Circle

A glimpse into the magic weaved in circle

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