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Full Moon Breathwork Circle

The moon holds great celestial significance in our relationship with the earth. Its cyclical nature provides a natural energetic rhythm to life. Each phase of the moon cycle holds its own magic and when we bring conscious awareness to the astrological alignments, we have the opportunity to bring harmony and understanding into our life.   

Full Moon Breathwork Circle

As the moon reaches its full potential its luminous energy intensifies, amplifying our hopes and dreams, and highlighting what in our life is not aligned with our highest good. Emotions may feel more prevalent at this time, and you may see situations with more clarity.  

With the full moon illuminating what is no longer serving you it is the perfect time in the lunar cycle to release and let go of old patterns and stories.  We can use our breath to support this process as it’s a powerful way to move through blockages and develop a deeper sense of self.

In our breathwork circle we will practice the conscious connected breathwork (CCB) technique. CCB is a dynamic, embodied practice used as an introspective tool for healing.  It is a circular breath, which can be practiced through an open mouth or through the nose. By bringing conscious awareness to the breath we build resilience in our nervous system and deepen the connection to our inner world.  


The practice helps to release trapped emotional memory that lingers in our body causing tension, stress and anxiety for integration. Our breath anchors us into the present moment and helps to restore a sense of balance and perspective in our life. 

Practicing CCB in circle with others helps us to feel a sense of community, based on compassion, connection and relation (if the thought of group work is not aligned please get in touch to discuss a 121 session).

The class is approximately 90 minutes long and upon booking you will receive the waiver which outlines any contra-indications, however if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me prior to booking. This class is suitable for all levels, no experience is necessary and at the beginning of every circle the technique will be introduced and an outline of what you may experience will be given.

The breath is a wonderful resource and it would be a privilege to guide you. 

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